"Imperfections make perfect balance"

EXHIBITION "Imperfections make perfect balance"

16/08/2020 at VAHQ

Dr. Jan van Breemenstraat 1A, Amsterdam

Jidark (Photography)

“something between photo and painting, we don’t need to separate them“

The first story is inspired by a modernist movement Expressionism originating in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century. We're obsessed by colors and dynamism of Expressionist artists. Their paintings are abstract but have strong emotional experiences. Under the first lookdown, we decided to do remote shoot using a projector. Anita did makeup on papers and we projected on mannequin heads. It worked! I tried to project the makeup different ways to find a best balance with wigs. Projector made strong contrast and shadows, that was what I needed for this Expressionism effect. (Published on BEAUTY PAPERS) 

“We never know when miracle happens, just keep your eyes wide opened.”

The second story is abstract surrealism vibes inspired by Francis Bacon. Using a pin hole camera, I took these portraits in analog way with long exposure. These're like double faces of person in deep inside. Also the movements of hands show a hope for future.

(Published on TUSH MAGAZINE)

Anita Jolles (Make up artist)

“perfect balance within imperfections”

Background in fine arts is seen in my work today through rough brush strokes, a multitude of colors, and innovative use of different materials and products. This artistic approach stems from my education, as I graduated as an autonomous painter in 1998. This laid the fundament for my career up until this day. 

From interview with Mikel van den Boogaard, writer.

“It has to have a deeper layer, even if it’s not immediately visible to the viewer. I want to work from my own core.”

Yumiko Hikage (Hair stylist)

“Challenge for finding a border of too much”

During the quarantine, I learned the fabrication of wigs and created many wigs at home. As it was closed space, my imagination went much farther. I made big hair like Marie Antoinette, like drag queens and crazy like club kids.. and finally all mixed and created new personalities.

We’re always afraid of being “too much”, but I think we could find a border of super cool and too much using the sensibility of Expressionism.


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